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ELPEKA Quality & Service

Our products are manufactured only with high-quality components which we produce by ourselves or purchase from renowned sources. Excellent workmanship is guaranteed by our team of skilled craftsmen and engineers who are doing what they love to do. Good quality starts with good engineering. Our products may solve complex technical requirements but for the user, they are easy to operate. Many years of experience have told us about the priorities of our customers.

Talking about our digital printers, they all have a solid base construction of extruded aluminium profiles. Even after many years of operation, it’s their solidity which makes sure that printing or coating is perfect to the fraction of a millimeter.

All our printers are designed in modules which means that defects, should they ever happen at all, can be easily detected and repaired. Your contract with ELPEKA will always include that our engineers come to your premises to build up and calibrate the printer. During the final handover, it is made sure that we are meeting all of your expectations. It goes without saying that we will train your technical staff so that they are fully aware how to make best use of the unique features of our digital printers.