Welcome to ELPEKA


Are you looking for a reliable partner who can supply professional digital printing on glass, ceramic tiles, metal, wood or any other material? Do you need a special technical solution for material coating? We highly welcome you to study our website and to contact us.

We are a team of German engineers. Our name ELPEKA stands for sophisticated, reliable technologies and for commercial integrity. Why are these words not an empty phrase to us? Maybe because we take pride in doing an excellent job. Maybe because we are Germans. Surely because we mean what our good name stands for.

Our skills cover solutions for a wide range of technical and commercial challenges. We accompany your project from the first planning stage all the way to completion, no matter if it is for a standard digital printer or for a complex, tailor made installation. ELPEKA, -contacting us is your first step to realizing a solution which is far ahead.  We have numerous advantages over our competitors and you should have these as well!

Benefit from the know-how and experience of German engineers. It is this engineering which made Germany a highly reputational, world-leading technology nation for more than 100 years.