ELPEKA Glass Printers for Furniture, Interior Design and Art

ELPEKA glass printers are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications in the furniture industry, interior design and art. With our printers you make glass look like marble or wood. You may print pictures or animated designs with photographic quality. The limit of possibilities is not in our printers, it’s your phantasy! Applications include

  • Decorative glass for furniture (kitchen splashbacks, tables, cabinets)
  • Decorative glass for interior design (doors, separation walls, glass wallpaper)
  • Artist designs (combined opaque/transparent and embossed printing)
ELPEKA printers for furniture, interior design and art offer the following features

  • Use of ceramic or organic inks in the same printer
  • Full range of bright ceramic and organic inks
  • Up to 16 colors
  • Inks are dry immediately after printing without any special drying process
  • Printing on glass, PVB, EVA, PET-film, SGPT
  • Extreme accuracy and repeatability
    (< 0.1mm)
  • Multi-layer printing
  • Opaque and transparent printing
  • High resolution up to 720x1440dpi
  • High printing speed up to 130m² per hour
  • Active print area up to 3,2 x 8 meters
  • Material thickness up to 40mm
  • Auto-load feeder option
  • Suction table option
Download Technical Specifications:
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