We at ELPEKA take pride in a fact which brings us ahead of most of our competitors: We are developing and producing our own inks! Inks for digital printers are not an easy or off-the-shelf product. Looking deeper into the secret world of inks, they are a high-tech product and it is their quality which decides the accuracy, the stability and the brilliant appearance of your printing. And we made them stable even for you tempering process (Organic ink up to 400° and Ceramic ink up to 1100°). Our engineers have invested time, money and heart and soul in the development of our inks. The result is a unique range of organic and ceramic inks which are fit for a variety of applications. It’s not only the color range and the brightness of our inks which is impressive, it is also their operational safety. The ELPEKA production process includes the accurate grinding of pigments into nano-particles. These particles are so small and the chemical compound of our inks is so well-balanced that “printer-head clogging” is a foreign word for us. All our ceramic and organic inks are available ex-stock and have a storage time of many years. Are you looking at a tailor-made ink for a special product? Kindly contact us and we will take the challenge!
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