ELPEKA Glass Printers
for Architectural Applications
(Ceramic and Organic Ink)

ELPEKA glass printers are the perfect solution for a wide range of architectural applications which include

  • Decorative glass for outdoor and indoor use
  • Protective glass for outdoor and indoor use
  • Low-E-glass and UV-protected glass

ELPEKA printers for architectural applications offer the following features

  • Use of ceramic or organic inks in the same printer
  • Full range of bright ceramic and organic inks
  • Up to 16 colors
  • Inks are dry immediately after printing without any special drying process
  • Printing on glass, PVB, EVA, PET-film, SGPT
  • Extreme accuracy and repeatability
    (< 0.1mm)
  • Multi-layer printing
  • Opaque and transparent printing
  • High resolution up to 720x1440dpi
  • High printing speed up to 130m² per hour
  • Active print area up to 3,2 x 8 meters
  • Material thickness up to 40mm
  • Auto-load feeder option
  • Suction table option




Download Technical Specifications:

ELPEKA Printers
Ink Technical Data Sheets